The Foundation Board

Alwin de Romijn, Treasurer email

When I first learned about the existence of Bitcoin at the end of 2009 and read the “Satoshi” Bitcoin whitepaper, I immediately trusted this revolutionary system and the freedom that it brought with it.  As an early Bitcoin miner and staff member of various online forums I acquired a great deal of knowledge and want to use it to promote Bitcoin in The Netherlands and to make it big.  Bitcoin should be a household word.

Richard Kohl - Stichting Bitcoin Nedereland Richard Kohl, Secretary email

I’m a co-founder of the Bitcoin startup PikaPay and organizer of, the largest monthly conference on the digital currency revolution in The Netherlands. I first discovered Bitcoin in 2011 and realized its potential immediately.  I have focused on this transformational technology ever since.  An early-stage investor and veteran of the tech sector, before becoming involved in PikaPay I worked on complex Internet solutions for the Ministry or Traffic and Telecommunications, British Telecom and Computer Sciences Corporation.  Prior to that I was also a book editor for popular science and technology books at Random House in New York.

 Yann van Ewijk, Chairman email

Ever since 2012 I discovered Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Through my passions from Cyber Security and entrepreneurship I learned about the technology and what it can mean for the human. Since 2017 I am in the board of the Bitcoin Foundation of the Netherlands, because I already did a lot of volunteering on the events. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the beginning and in 2017 we got into a new time, which is the Blockchain revolution. My ambition in the Foundation is to help educate people about Blockchain technology.