The Foundation Board

Richard Kohl - Stichting Bitcoin Nedereland Richard Kohl, Secretary email

I’m a co-founder of the Bitcoin startup PikaPay and organizer of, the largest monthly conference on the digital currency revolution in The Netherlands. I first discovered Bitcoin in 2011 and realized its potential immediately.  I have focused on this transformational technology ever since.  An early-stage investor and veteran of the tech sector, before becoming involved in PikaPay I worked on complex Internet solutions for the Ministry or Traffic and Telecommunications, British Telecom and Computer Sciences Corporation.  Prior to that I was also a book editor for popular science and technology books at Random House in New York.

 Yann van Ewijk, Chairman email

Ever since 2012 I discovered Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Through my passions from Cyber Security and entrepreneurship I learned about the technology and what it can mean for the human. Since 2017 I am in the board of the Bitcoin Foundation of the Netherlands, because I already did a lot of volunteering on the events. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the beginning and in 2017 we got into a new time, which is the Blockchain revolution. My ambition in the Foundation is to help educate people about Blockchain technology.

Sachin Kulkarni Sachin Kulkarni, Board Member email

Sachin Kulkarni is currently Vice President of Pineapple Software and the author of “Artificial Intelligence with Python”. He has previously worked for Paypal, IBM, Polaris, Patni and Facebook and is specialized in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Devops and Cloud Computing. He earned a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from UCLA, and contributed to the project that later became the cryptocurrency Libra after it was acquired by Facebook.

Raghavendra Kumar Raghavendra Kumar, Board Member email

Raghavendra Kumar has more than 20 years of experience in Banking and Financial Services, including projects in Application Delivery and Management, Cloud Migration, AI Implementation and DevOps. He is currently VP and Head of BPM at Nexval where he manages a business unit responsible for banking digitization. He previously worked for IBM, Infosys, Igate and FNF and has served global clients in North America, the European Union and APAC. He is certified in PMP,  Six Sigma and ITILV 3.0. He especially enjoys learning about and working with emerging technologies.