Blockchain Education in The Netherlands

The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands has been working on education and awareness throughout our schools and communities since 2013.

Our Blockchain Educational Council establishes an educational council to allow students to experiment with Bitcoin and Blockchain and to use new tools to manage global collaboration. In the past, students have showed they push forward innovative solutions and set the tone for using new technologies. For example, Facebook experimented with social media paradigms on university campuses to build it into world’s largest social network.

Bitcoin and Blockchain are the new broadband. College students are native to social media, and communicate without thinking of borders or distance between your friends. The world is more connected than it ever has been. Traditional finance, such as the institutions that confront us with “business hours”, “international transfer fees”, “paperwork”, and websites made in the 90s, causes our eyebrows to furrow and demand our higher expectations be met. Traditional banking simply can’t compete with a system that lives on the most widely distributed and preferred communication channel in the world: the internet.

That’s why we have been empowering Generation Blockchain since 2014. Generation Blockchain consists of young, passionate, ambitious students who are excited by the implications of both bitcoin and the underlying public Blockchain. We aim to connect campuses worldwide to share ideas and collaborate on cross-campus grassroots events. We host hackathons across the US and Globally through physical and online hackathons to encourage students to explore the possibilities of Blockchain tech. We also partner with companies of the industry to provide internships, free tickets and access to conferences, and support for building local clubs and initiative.

The Bitcoin Foundation is introducing the Dutch chapter of our educational council. We believe the best path forward is for students to experiment and explore this paradigm shift with others on their campuses. We aim to create a fun and resourceful network of students who are ambitious about this technology and inspire each other to make an impact on our future. We believe getting students hooked on Blockchain is easy and straightforward: provide a utility that raises their expectation and they just cannot go back.

Please send an e-mail in advance to to let us know if you can join us. If you are not able to come but would still like to know more about participating, please also send an e-mail.

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