Bitcoin and Blockchain Wednesday Conference

The Netherlands’ largest and best monthly meetup for digital currencies is Bitcoin and Blockchain  Wednesday.

On every first Wednesday of the month, Bitcoin and Blockchain Wednesday is organized. It is an evening full of new technological innovations, enthusiastic speakers and a great community. The talks are open to a wide audience, from beginner till blockchain pioneer.  Join the next conference: Bitcoin and Blockchain Wednesday.

All aspects of the Blockchain revolution will be touched upon, with the main theme being how new technology will play a role in the society and organizations. Talks on the conference will be held by a variety of speakers that are Blockchain pioneers, specialists, entrepreneurs, businesses and academia. Speakers are travelling from all over the world in order to talk and be at Bitcoin and Blockchain Wednesday.

After the evening program is finished, there is time reserved for drinks and exchanging ideas. The whole conference is an informal, open atmosphere and where everyone that has something to do with Blockchain or just interested in it can talk with each other.

Join the next conference: Bitcoin and Blockchain Wednesday.

On every first wednesday of every month, PikaPay and the Dutch Bitcoin User Group of the Netherlands organizes an evening about Blockchains and digital currencies for beginner as well as advanced users.

All aspects of the Blockchain revolution in the Netherlands will be spoken of on the evening. The main theme is the advancing role of technology in our society. Presentations will be held by a wide variety of Blockchain pioneers, specialists, entrepreneurs, ambassadors and related academics from all over the world. Board members of the Bitcoin Foundations will usually announce activities of the Foundation.

After the structured part of the programme, there is a part of the evening that is reserved just for drinks, to network and share information. Bitcoin and Blockchain Wednesday is a relaxed evening with a low threshold to enter whereby everybody that is curious about Blockchain technology is able to get to know each other.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Wednesday are on the internet on two places:

  1. You can register yourself for the next event, via Meetup Bitcoin Wednesday
  2. Or you can go to the website of Bitcoin Wednesday to register and see the upcoming speakers

This project is organized by the Bitcoin Netherlands Foundation, which is supported through sponsoring and donations.