The mission and goals of The Bitcoin Foundation of the Netherlands are:

1.a. The promotion, spreading and creation of allround public awareness and knowledge about blockchain-technology and all its use cases,  as well as related technologies, like distributed ledger and digital currencies for the purpose of the common good;

1.b. And furthermore everything that has a direct or indirect connection with one another or that may be conducive to it, all in the broadest sense.

2. The foundation tries to achieve its goals by:

2.a. Promoting and supporting of wide-scale academic research, and other research, within this sector, as well as to promote a higher participation of the educational and academic community;

2.b. Promoting of the Netherlands as international leader within this sector;

2.c. The offering of information about the broad use cases and social impact of this technology, among other things by making use of different forms of media;

2.d. The organization of events, lectures, activities and/or meetings.

2.e. By doing or have all other actions performed, which are related to the foregoing in the broadest sense or which, in the opinion of the board, can be conductive, useful or desirable.


Furthermore, to help The Netherlands secure its place as an international center for Blockchain innovation and excellence.

The Foundation is designed to serve the public trust, and to promote the development and use of the technology in the best interests of the public. It’s activities are determined by public poll taken regularly during the monthly Bitcoin Wednesday conference. There are no membership fees, and participation is free. Donations can be given to support individual projects or general operations, but the donations themselves do not set our agenda, the public does.